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July 14-23, 2022

Soquel Camp Meeting


Soquel Camp Meeting will be keeping with established health protocols and state and county requirements. Please see the website for the most up-to-date attendance requirements. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to strive to have a safe and blessed camp meeting experience.

Info and Policies

We are planning to have an in-person Soquel Camp Meeting for 2022!

Monterey Bay Academy Dorm Rooms: Not available this year.

Cabins: New Applicants must be 73+ years of age; attend full time; have church membership within Central California Conference (CCC) or a trust with CCC. Four beds (bunks) and a small dresser are available in each cabin. Attendee provides bedding, ice chest or other furnishings. A $10.00 refundable deposit is charged for each key. There is a four (4) person limit per cabin set by the Fire Marshall. Open flames (BBQs), gas lanterns, heaters, and cookstoves are prohibited.


RVs: Slide-outs, awnings, canopies, tables, and furnishings are permitted if kept within your site. Electricity: Use an unspliced 25' for shorter 3 pronged cord/s. Do not plug one RV into another RV's electrical system. Fill propane tanks before arriving. Mobile propane service is not available.
Generators may be used between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. only. Exhaust extensions above the roofline are required for all generators.

Private Tenting: Is available in South View, Eucalyptus Grove, Shady Grove, Ocean View or Hill Top. Spaces are approximately 16 feet square. Not all sites are level. Campground cots and mattresses are not available for private tenting. Campfires, open flames, gas or propane lanterns and heaters are prohibited. In Shady Grove and Hill Top, cooking is permitted in the designated cooking area ONLY and you MUST have a fire extinguisher with you at all times when cooking.

Campground Tents: Are available in South Terrace/North Terrace. Not all tent sites are level. Two metal cot frames are provided per site. Mattresses will not be available. Bring bedding, tables, chairs, ice chest, broom, rug or other furnishings. Campfires, open flames (BBQs), gas/propane lanterns, heaters, and cookstoves are prohibited. Electricity is unavailable in tents. Use battery-powered devices only. Cookhouses offer electrical outlets and cooktops.

Children: Parents/guardians are responsible to know the location and activities of their children at ALL times. Minors left on the campground under the age of 18, who are without adult supervision, will be sent home. Supervision of children is required.

Parking: All vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking areas only. In general, you are permitted to load or unload your belongings at your site. The Parking & Transportation Office handles special parking permit requests.

Accidents/Medical Emergency: First Aid is provided for minor medical needs at the First Aid Station.

Lost/Found: Bring lost and found items to the Information Booth, next to Registration.

Maintenance Needs: Please inform the Superintendent's Office (across from the main Adventist Book Center entrance) or Registration/Information Office of items needing repair.

Quiet Time: 10:00 p.m.– 6:30 a.m are quiet time hours. Please be respectful of your neighbors.

Registration Phone : (559) 347-3128 Email :

Laundry Facilities: Coin-operated washers and dryers are available near some shower facilities. Bring quarters!

Shower Facilities: Shower facilities on both sides of the Main Auditorium are available free of charge. Please leave them as clean as you would like to find them.

Cafeteria/Burger Bar: The cafeteria is open Sunday through Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is sold by the meal. No tickets are sold. The Burger Bar is open Sunday through Friday and after the Saturday evening meeting.

For Your Safety: The campground is a smoke-free, alcohol-free, drug-free environment. Smoking, drinking and/or use of illegal drugs are not permitted. Additionally, inappropriate and/or abusive language is prohibited.

For Your Protection: State laws, Santa Cruz County ordinances and fire regulations are enforced on the campground. It goes without saying that firearms, weapons and fireworks are prohibited. Soquel Conference Center (SCC) is private property. The Conference reserves the right to have anyone removed from the property. Persons who are required by law to register as sex offenders and who appear on the Megan's Law Internet website, or any similar website, are not allowed at the SCC during Camp Meeting. Your compliance with this policy will avoid unnecessary embarrassment to you and/or your family.

Things with Wheels: Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. may not be used at SCC for safety reasons.


Local/State Parks and Area Hotels: Go to for more details. If you are unable to obtain a site on the campgrounds, please check availability at these area campgrounds. Area campgrounds fill up several months ahead of summer, so be sure to check early!


PETS: Are allowed in RV SITES ONLY. A $30 Pet Fee and $20 refundable deposit per pet is charged. Proof of vaccination is required. They must be on a leash at all times.





General Cancellations/Refunds Policy: Full refunds are given from May 15 Through June 30 the refund will be 90% of your fee. No refunds are given for cancellations after June 30. Be a Blessing to someone who is on the Waiting List for a space--Call us if your plans change.


Retaining Same Site: If you have registered and are unable to attend, Same-site Privilege may be kept for a lifetime maximum of two years per site. Refund is dependent on the date of notification. Those who don't show and fail to notify us will forfeit their Same-site Privilege.

By February 15 – 70% By March 15 – 50% By April 15 – 30% By June 15 – 10% No refund after June 15.

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