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Recorder Submission

One clear photo of the Deceased. Portraits are best in jpg, png, or jpeg format. File size no larger than 3MB

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Survivors may include parents, siblings (not in-laws), spouse, children and step-children by name; grandchildren and great-grandchildren by number. Format survivor list exactly like this: "wife, Christine; sons, John, Karl; stepson, Robert; daughters, Michele Griner, Karyn White; five grandchildren; two great-grandchildren."

You may include up to 25 words describing the deceased person's church employment or lay ministry that made him/her well-known to the Adventist community (to more than one church). Examples include academy teacher, evangelist, conference president, Pathfinder area coordinator, pastor, ASI officer, or business person who served Adventists long-term (such as someone who catered Adventist events for 25 years). If in doubt, submit it. Such information will be included as space permits.

Thanks for submitting!

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