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 LRR Missions

Foreign Missionary Opportunities

Welcome to the Central California Conference's Least Reached Regions (LRR) project. If you haven't heard yet, every year, the Central California Conference (CCC) will select a country or region of the world to focus on doing mission work. The dates of focus will be from camp meeting to camp meeting. In other words, from July to July each year, we will do mission work in a selected area and then move on to the following country or region. We hope these mission opportunities will spur some CCC members to engage in mid-term and long-term mission work. Each country/area of focus will always be from a list of places with only one Adventist for every 5,000+ people. These are areas of the world where CCC can be a big blessing and where many people have not heard the message of Christ's return. 

This year from July 2022 to July 2023, CCC is concentrating on two areas for international mission work; Ireland (the Irish Mission) and the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). This will serve as an initial point of information for all CCC churches and members to learn about the opportunities for mission work, prayer, and donation needs in these regions. Our objective at the conference is to communicate the needs and opportunities in the Irish Mission and EMR, then help connect you to the churches in these regions, and you take it from there!

Click below for information for the Eastern Mediterranean Region Missions or the Ireland Missions. 


The EMR site is password-protected, so don't hesitate to contact your local church for the password.

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