2022 Soquel Camp Meeting Canceled

Apr 25, 2022

Soquel canceled due to construction delays

The Central California Conference (CCC) Administration regrets to inform you that the 2022 Soquel Camp Meeting at the Soquel campground is canceled due to exceptional circumstances. Unfortunately, the construction on the main auditorium and the retaining wall near the Spanish tent will not be completed in time for the camp meeting.

We know that the CCC camp meeting is an experience many look forward to, and we are also disappointed. But we have a plan!

The importance of coming together as the family of God is essential, and we want to bring the CCC Soquel experience on the road. So with that in mind, we are excited to announce July 14-17 and July 21-24 are the dates for "Soquel on the Road." The two regions will be the greater Bay Area and the greater Fresno Area, with exact locations to be announced later. There will be both Spanish and English speakers, seminars, and kids' programming.

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