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Your Generosity Will Help Projects Such as:

  • Fill Every Baptistry—This will mobilize hundreds of volunteer evangelists – men, women, and children to preach God's message. We are actively training these volunteers to be equipped and prepared to deliver the good news of Jesus. 

  • Start New Groups—We want new groups in every neighborhood and community which will eventually grow into companies and churches. Our goal is to plant mission groups of 12 or more people committed to growing into a viable church. 

  • Send Every High School Senior—A short-term mission trip during their senior year will train them to win people for Jesus at home and abroad. 

  • Fill Every Desk—We want to offer financial incentives for our schools to work with their local churches and families to fill the empty desks with every Adventist young person.

You can make a difference. We invite you to return the envelope with a monthly pledge or a one-time gift to the "Camp Meeting Evangelism Offering". Whether your donation is $50 or $500,000, your gift will move the mission forward in the CCC and the world. We all have gifts to share as we break new ground for God's work.



Antonio Huerta

Director of Evangelism


Eddy Perez



Amber Melton

Administrative Assistant

Image by Aaron Burden

Church Evangelism

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