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Harmonizing in Faith: Fresno Area Spanish Churches Conduct Joint Evangelistic Series and Baptisms

Earlier this year, a number of Spanish congregations across Fresno embarked on a commendable initiative to conduct evangelistic activities together. The collaborating churches - Fresno Central Spanish, Fresno Remnant, Fresno Sequoia, Fresno El Shaddai, and Caruthers Spanish Church - decided to break the barriers of individuality and work as a collective unit.

Under the guidance of Pastor Alberto Ingleton, the Vice President for Hispanic Ministries at the Pacific Union Conference, who was instrumental in conducting the series, these churches hosted a week-long evangelistic series that culminated last Saturday, June 24. The unity and camaraderie were palpable as members from all these churches convened for a week of enriching fellowship.

The series witnessed robust participation each day, with over 30 new visitors joining the evening sessions. The united efforts bore fruit with 17 baptisms. An additional 50 attendees, who participated intermittently in the campaign, are now in follow-up phases.

The collective churches are presently engaged in follow-up activities with a hope to baptize these newcomers. Their efforts extend to organizing small groups, conducting Bible studies, and nurturing the interests sparked during the evangelistic campaign. There is keen anticipation for an upcoming baptism at Soquel, with about a dozen candidates ready to express their faith publicly.

This unity initiative was brought to fruition through the relentless efforts of leaders Edward Smith, Edgar Sanchez, and Daniel Rodriguez, who collaborated under the guidance of Justin Aguilar, the Spanish Ministry Director for the Central California Conference. Their collective vision is aimed at inspiring other churches in the Central California Conference to adopt this unified approach to evangelism.

The comprehensive planning for this initiative started five months in advance, encompassing a wide range of tasks, from event preparation to community outreach. Coordinating congregants' responsibilities became an integral part of the process. This approach provided an opportunity for everyone to contribute based on their unique talents and skills, whether it was preparing food, welcoming attendees, leading worship services, or engaging the community members to visit the church.

Pooling resources and efforts not only led to a better division of labor and increased efficiency, but also brought about financial advantages. By hosting the event at a single venue, significant costs were saved, and available human resources were optimally utilized.

This series stands as a testament to the power of unity, demonstrating that working together can lead to better results, cost savings, and a multitude of blessings. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this evangelistic series. May God's blessings continue to be with you all!


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