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Los Banos Hispanic Church Celebrates Remarkable Growth

Los Banos, a small city located in the countryside about an hour from the Bay Area, has been the site of recent church growth. Los Banos Hispanic Church was organized, with a special event that highlighted this accomplishment on Oct. 14, 2023.

Ricardo J. Viloria, from the Central California Conference, highlighted the church's success: "Starting with 90 members, 30 baptized in 2023 alone, Los Banos Hispanic Church has exceeded our expectations for a new church plant."

The church's strategic location has facilitated this growth as more people move to Los Banos for affordable housing while working in the Bay Area. This influx has opened opportunities for church expansion and the establishment of more congregations in the region.

The organization ceremony saw the baptism of 11 new members and was attended by conference leaders Dan Serns, Ron Rasmussen, and Mayra Thompson.

Eber Licardi, a dedicated volunteer, plays a key role in the church's outreach and growth, organizing various activities, including evangelistic series, the most recent led by Pastor Justin Aguilar, contributing to the church's expansion.

Originally a branch of the Los Banos English Church since September 2018, the Los Banos Hispanic Church now actively supports the local Adventist Church School, demonstrating its commitment to community development.

The church's mission continues with plans for further expansion, following a successful model of nurturing small groups into fully organized churches.


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