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Pentecost 2025

The Pentecost 2025 evangelism initiative, spanning the entire North American Division, will officially kick off on July 1, 2024, the opening of the online local event registration form. Learn more about this initiative:

All of us, church leaders and members, play a pivotal role in mobilizing for evangelism. With Pentecost 2025, our goal in North America is to hold at least 3,000 proclamation initiatives in 2025, with 2024 a year of "Preparing for Pentecost."

The Pentecost 2025 plan is straightforward. Using the rest of 2024 as planning and preparation time, a pastor or lay person is encouraged to take their proposal for a proclamation initiative (i.e. evangelistic meetings) to their local church board/school board for an action of support. Upon voted church/school board approval, the person registers for Pentecost 2025 by filling out the NAD form (available starting July 1 at the Pentecost 2025 landing page).

There is an option to request, one time, up to $3,000 in financial assistance for their local event. Once the local conference designee provides approval the application passes to the union and the NAD; and a resource welcome kit is sent, from AdventSource, to the church/school. Distribution of funding will be in two parts: half of the approved NAD funding will be sent in December 2024 for those who have applied and been approved by November 2024. Upon completion of the local event in 2025 a report must be submitted to the division and the rest of the funding will be sent.

"Pentecost is an acknowledgment that our present abilities and resources are not adequate enough to reach the people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and His soon return. Pentecost 2025 is a clarion call for a double portion of God's Spirit. We need more of His power to meet the challenges of today of spreading God's love and [the message of] His soon return. We need more of His Holy Spirit," said G. Alexander Bryant, NAD president, during a meeting with a group of evangelism coordinators. Referencing Matthew 24:14, he continued, "God has called us for a purpose — and the purpose is to fulfill His mission. The mission is to tell the world about God's love. That's the purpose of the church."

The division urges everyone to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

From North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists


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