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The Soquel Camp Meeting: A Ten-Day Spiritual Reunion Culminating in 51 Baptisms

After a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Soquel Camp Meeting finally convened for a ten-day in-person gathering from July 13-22, 2023. This event was made even more joyous by the baptism of 51 new mature believers, a significant occurrence in recent years, illustrating the congregation's steadfastness and resilience.

The children's ministry also witnessed a heartening moment as 52 children decided to follow the path of faith through baptism. We have shared this information with their home churches, which will carry out further follow-ups. These spiritual seeds, sown at the Soquel Camp Meeting, will continue to be nurtured by their home churches, ensuring the enduring momentum of the spirit.

Throughout this year, the Central California Conference embarked on various initiatives deeply rooted in evangelism. The seeds of faith, planted in the field, sprouted and bore fruit during the ten-day event of the Soquel Camp Meeting, leading to the rise of new disciples.

Keynote speakers Jose Cortes, Richie Halversen, and John Boston played a crucial role in shaping the experience. Their focus on evangelism and heartfelt calls for baptism served as a significant source of inspiration for the attendees.

Another highlight of the camp meeting was the morning training sessions designed to inspire believers to engage in evangelism actively. Over 200 laypersons graduated from these seminars, returning to their home churches armed with a renewed zeal to support their mission and make meaningful contributions to their congregations.

Yet, one of the most vibrant spots was undoubtedly the Youth and Young Adult ministry tent. The energy radiating from this area was electric, fueled by the youth's enthusiasm and passion for the Word. Their spirited discussions, engaging Bible study sessions, and deep reflections all point to a bright future for the church.

However, as President Dan Serns highlighted, the most touching aspect of the camp meeting was the profound spiritual atmosphere that enveloped the Soquel Campground. The undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit could be felt in every corner, transforming the camp meeting into an encounter brimming with grace and divine beauty. As we reflect on these blessed moments, we recognize this gathering as a deeply joyful and blessed reunion following a notable break.

For those interested in revisiting the transformative moments or catching up on what you missed, you can watch the archived sessions of this camp meeting by scanning the QR code provided.

By Justin Kim


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