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CCC Digital Evangelism Training Seminar: When Prayer Meets Technology

We are thrilled to announce the first CCC Digital Evangelism Training Seminar. This will be a huge opportunity to meet and be trained by the digital evangelism pioneers of the Adventist world.

This training seminar will be connected to Hybrid Evangelism and Online Pastoral Care Prototype Project in collaboration with the GC and NAD. The aim of this project is to institute a new local prayer advertising campaign that offers online pastoral care for individuals to encourage their engagement with local churches through prayer meetings, Bible studies, community involvement, and public evangelism meetings.

We want to invite:

Pastors, Elders, Bible Workers, Prayer warriors, Youth leaders, Personal ministries coordinators, Communication & Media Directors, and anyone interested in digital evangelism and online pastoral care

For Churches in Area 1-3

March 18 (Sabbath) 3 PM-6 PM

Sunnyvale Church

653 W Fremont Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

For Churches in Area 4-8

March 19 (Sunday) 10 AM-1 PM

Clovis Church

2370 Helm Ave, Clovis, CA 93612

Please announce it at your church and feel free to ask any questions:


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