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Creative Communicators Camp!

Dates: September 15-17

Location: Wawona, nestled in the beautiful mountains


Join us for an exciting weekend at the Creative Communicators Camp! This enriching boot camp is part of our broader initiative, "Empowering Kid's Faith through Public Speaking." It aims to develop the public speaking skills of youth aged 8-13, focusing on equipping our children to share their faith.

What to Expect:

Interactive Workshops: Engage in workshops like "Finding Your Story" and special parent sessions on empowering children's voices.

Outdoor Activities: Enjoy the beautiful mountain surroundings with age-appropriate outdoor adventures.

Bible-Themed Games: Participate in interactive Bible-themed games that help build vocabulary, sentence formation, and storytelling.

Speak in Faith Festival: An upcoming unique platform for children to present and share their faith stories.

Who Can Attend:

  • Students ages 8-13 from Sabbath School classes, Academies, and schools within our Central California Conference community

  • Parents and guardians

  • Pathfinder leaders and clubs

Housing Arrangements: Accommodations will be tailored to individual, family, and group needs.

Background checks are required for sponsors and non-family adult participants.

Cost: We're thrilled to announce that the Central California Conference has generously subsidized all ticket prices to make this event more accessible for everyone. Thanks to this support, we can offer built-in discounts for lodge rooms and cabins, making it even more affordable for families to join us. Our Family Rate covers up to three family members in lodge rooms and up to five in cabins. Any additional attendees can be added at the special subsidized rate of just $55 per person.

  • Longhouse Individual - $55

  • Lodge room for three - $110

  • Cabin for five- $220

  • Add-on individual for lodge room or cabin - $55

More Information:

We welcome parents, Pathfinders, teachers, Sabbath School class members, and anyone interested in nurturing children's faith through public speaking. Visit our website for further details, or contact us with any questions.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of a faith-driven and transformative experience. Reserve your spot now for the Creative Communicators Camp!


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