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Life Hope Clinics Return in 2024!

We're thrilled to announce the 2024 return of Life Hope Clinics, offering limited availability for reservations, subject to approval by the Life Hope Center leadership team.

In addition to this opportunity, the Conference is contributing an additional $4000 for each clinic, provided specific criteria are met.

For more details and to discuss potential dates, please email We invite your pastor, head elder, or health ministries coordinator to contact us.

Doing good stems from God’s love. Our mission echoes this belief: to share Christ's love by addressing the tangible needs of communities throughout the Central California Conference region. Following Christ's example, we aim to serve by catering to people's physical, economic, social, and spiritual needs. Our services are inclusive and open to all, and we eagerly anticipate meeting you at our upcoming events.

Our collaboration with medical professionals extends our reach, providing essential care to those in need across a vast area, from the San Francisco Bay Area to Bakersfield and from the Central California coast to the Sierra Foothills. Join us in this mission of love and service!


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