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Total Member Involvement (TMI): A Global Movement

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Total Member Involvement (TMI) is a transformative global initiative that calls upon every church and every member to actively participate in disciple-making through Christ's method. TMI is not just a worldwide campaign; it's a powerful movement that starts within the heart of local churches.

Empowering Local Churches

The Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual (2022) underscores the importance of involving "all members and children" in "personal outreach" (p. 138). It highlights the profound spiritual growth and impact that occur when a church dedicates itself to "proclaiming the good news and making disciples" (p. 135).

TMI: A Journey of Continual Growth

The primary focus of every church board is to establish "an active, ongoing discipleship plan" encompassing "spiritual nurture and outreach ministries" (p. 137). Global TMI is not a one-time event; it begins an enduring journey focused on engaging every member. Like the harvest cycle, TMI emphasizes five essential ministries: preparation, planting, cultivation, harvest, and preservation.

Bringing TMI to Your Church

Are you curious about how your church can actively participate in Global TMI? Start by reviewing the strategy outlined in our booklet, which includes igniting spiritual revival, conducting an interest review, and providing personal evangelism training. Next, establish ministries and events in each of the five vital areas of disciple-making. Finally, use the provided worksheet to create a disciple-making evangelism plan for 2024-2025 and gain church board approval.

Join hands with sister churches worldwide in Global TMI! For additional information and valuable resources, please visit our website:

Let's unite in faith and action to share the love of Christ with the world! 🙏❤️

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