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Camp Wawona Road Construction: A Journey of Faith and Fulfillment

An Inspiring Tale of Perseverance, Prayer, and Divine Intervention

Background of the Project: Camp Wawona, nestled in a serene setting, embarked on an ambitious project to update their access road. Spanning over half a mile, this new road was crucial, as the existing path partially lay on National Park Services land, necessitating relocation and improvement.

The Challenge: Funding this vision was a testament to the community's faith and dedication. Years of fundraising met a significant hurdle: initial construction bids exceeded the budget by about $3 million, casting uncertainty on the project's feasibility.

Divine Intervention: In this moment of need, Pat Denis, a devout Adventist and experienced road building contractor, stepped forward. His bid, remarkably lower than the previous ones, was nothing short of a miracle, embodying an answer to countless prayers.

Progress and Vision: Today, the project stands on the brink of completion, with most of the road operational and final touches underway. Jackie Phillips, who has been at the helm since inception, recounts her interactions with Pat Denis. His visionary approach and emotional commitment to the project highlight a deeper purpose. "I just want to be used by God," Pat had expressed, a sentiment that resonates with the entire endeavor.

The Road Ahead: As we approach the opening of the new road, we're reminded that this is more than a mere construction project. It's a mission, a journey of faith, and a tangible manifestation of prayer and divine guidance.

Stay connected for the latest updates as we prepare to unveil this remarkable achievement at Camp Wawona.


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