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Promotional Materials for Hope Now Evangelistic Series

As the Hope Now Evangelistic Series approaches, we are happy to share our latest promotional materials for our HOPE NOW evangelism campaign.

We've launched a HOPE NOW website dedicated to this campaign, where you can find promotional resources:

Our research has shown that localized images significantly enhance marketing effectiveness. To support your outreach efforts, we've created a variety of promotional materials using Canva. These include flyers, posters, social media posts, connection cards, and welcome cards, available in both English and Spanish. All materials are fully customizable to reflect your local context.

You can download both the localized and generic images through the links provided below

 If you have a Canva account (or create one), you can further customize these materials by changing the background images to reflect your community. Please visit our website for a Canva editable link.

We are praying for a meaningful and fruitful evangelistic series and that we reach many precious souls in our community.

Have a wonderful and amazing sabbath!


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