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🎬 The Hopeful - Movie Screening Event

We have exciting news to share from the Hope Channel Team. This movie is not just any film; it’s an Adventist movie designed to inspire and uplift, perfect for inviting your friends and family to experience its powerful message together.

Tickets Now Available for April 17 & 18 in over 900 cinemas across the United States! - there’s a screening near you.

The Hopeful is an exceptional opportunity for us to reach out to our community, share an inspiring message, and foster meaningful conversations about faith, hope, and the transformative power of God’s love in our lives.

Why Should You Attend?

• Be Inspired: Experience a film that celebrates the journey of faith and the impact of God’s love.

• Community Connection: A perfect occasion to invite friends, family, and neighbors for a shared uplifting experience.

• Evangelistic Tool: Use this film as a gentle introduction to Adventist beliefs and the hope we hold in our hearts.

How to Participate:

• Reserve Your Tickets: Secure your spot at a cinema near you for this limited screening event.

• Invite Others: Extend this invitation to your friends, family, and anyone you believe would be touched by this movie.

👉 Let’s make the most of this opportunity to spread hope and inspire our community. Join us for this special event and see firsthand the power of storytelling in sharing God’s love.


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