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Central California Conference



Central California Conference: Exciting News and Updates Hello, CCC family! We've come together to share exciting news and updates from the Central California Conference. A season filled with blessings, opportunities, and growth awaits us. Let's dive right into the latest updates! Fill Every Baptistry Sabbath Please mark your calendars for Fill Every Baptistry Sabbath on October 14, 2023. We urge all the churches in the district to prepare their baptistries and pray for those longing for the cleansing waters of baptism. Soquel Camp Meeting 2023 The Soquel Camp Meeting 2023 was indeed a blessed event. Highlights include: 51 baptisms, welcoming new members from diverse backgrounds. An environment filled with testimonials and mission-driven ministries. CCC Leadership Institute Launch Our new CCC Leadership Institute has launched, focusing on key competencies, life & work balance, and soul-winning activities. Our first group of pastors met on August 2, marking a significant step in our leadership development. Fall Evangelism Opportunities Prepare for Fall Evangelism Opportunities from September 7-14, 2024. Join Pastor Ted Wilson in San Francisco in person or online. NAD Educators Convention Our educators have returned inspired from the NAD Educators Convention in Phoenix. Expect more local implementation of fantastic ideas in both our schools and churches. Pathfinder and Adventurer Leadership Convention Join us from August 18-20 at Camp Wawona for BELIEVE THE PROMISE. Specialized seminars and insights from guest speaker ARMANDO MIRANDA JR await you. Digital Evangelism Seminar On August 19-20, 2023, don't miss When Prayer Meets Technology: Utilizing Social Media for Ministry, in Silicon Valley and Central Valley. COUPLES IN TUNE Join us on September 16, 2023, in Visalia for a special event led by Doctor Antonio Estrada to help couples connect and grow. Great Controversy Project Mobilize for CCC conference-wide distribution on September 2 and November 18. Check out this vital opportunity on the CCC website. In the unity of our faith and the zeal of our mission, let us continue to work hand in hand, spreading the Adventist message across Central California and the world. Thank you for joining us, and may God bless our collective efforts.